Steven Ham

About Steven Ham

He learned to play chess when he was eight. Due to being raised in rural Minnesota where OTB chess opportunities were unknown, he began playing correspondence chess when about 12. Now, at age 45, his rating is 2508 (ICCF) and 2432 (USCF). Victories in two ICCF Master tournaments allow him to play in the XXIV ICCF World Championship Semi-Final. He is preparing for that challenge by keeping in shape via friendly challenge matches. Since he presumes that many of his opponents in the ICCF will be using computers to guide their play, he is looking to gain valuable experience when combating a mechanical enemy. 

Steve is married to Tao Ham and the proud father of Alexander (32 months old) and Cordelia (10 months). His hobbies beside chess are: weight-lifting, kick-boxing, playing soccer, and listening to Celtic folk music. 


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