El 20 de julio es el "Día mundial del Ajedrez"

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10/01/2020 – La Asamblea General de la ONU, por unánime ha adoptado la resolución el pasado día 12 de diciembre. La iniciativa había sido planteada por Armenia y cuenta con el apoyo y el patrocinio de varios países más. El oficial "Día mundial del Ajedrez" va a ser el 20 de julio. Dicha fecha se debe al hecho que fue el 20 de julio de 1924 cuando se fundó la Federación Internacional de Ajedrez en París. El comunicado de prensa en inglés.

Fritz 17 Incluye el módulo FAT FRITZ Fritz 17 Incluye el módulo FAT FRITZ

Fritz 17 es la nueva edición de aquel mismo programa de ajedrez Fritz que ha fascinado al mundo del ajedrez desde hace unos 25 años (¡!): las victorias de Garry Kasparov y de Vladimir Kramnik; los métodos innovadores y modernos de entrenamiento para jugadores aficionados y profesionales; ajedrez cibernético en el servidor de Fritz, etc. Fritz es “el programa de ajedrez más popular de Alemania” (Der Spiegel) y ofrece todo lo que necesita el ajedrecista. La novedad más espectacular: Fritz 17 incluye el módulo basado en una red neuronal de inteligencia artificial, "Fat Fritz".


Comunicado de prensa

Resolution adopted by UN General Assembly

On December 12, upon the initiative of Armenia, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, entitled “World Chess Day” under the agenda items Sport for development and peace and Culture of peace, designating 20 July as World Chess Day.

The resolution, which was co-sponsored by 53 member states, acknowledges the opportunities offered by chess in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including in strengthening education, realizing the empowerment of women and girls, fostering inclusion, mutual understanding and respect. The resolution recognizes that as a game, promoting fairness, inclusion and mutual respect, chess can contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding among peoples. It invites Member States, the United Nations system, other international and regional organizations, the private sector and civil society to observe the World Chess Day and to disseminate the advantages of chess, including through educational and public awareness-raising activities.

In his introduction of the resolution the Permanent Representative of Armenia Mher Margaryan stressed that, chess, as one of the oldest and most popular mental games, helps to break down social, political and racial barriers, change prejudices and combat discrimination. Referring to Armenia’s national efforts in promoting chess globally, the Ambassador of Armenia highlighted that chess is regarded as an essential part of the Armenian culture, recalling the long-standing tradition of chess that has earned Armenia’s grandmasters the titles of the Olympic and world champions. 

The designation of the World Chess Day by the UN General Assembly will provide an important platform to foster, dialogue, solidarity and culture of peace.

Press source: The official UN Press release is 
available in the ECU Magazine, which can be read online together with interactive links on the following link, or can be downloaded from the ECU Website.

Aron Nimzowitsch said about chess:
  • The passed pawn is a criminal who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance, are not sufficient.
  • The threat is stronger than the execution.
  • First restrain, next blockade, lastly destroy.
  • Do not always be thinking of attack! Moves that safeguard your position are often far more prudent.
  • The beauty of a move lies not in its appearance but in the thought behind it.
  • No pawn exchanges, no file-opening, no attack.

Fun zone: puzzles to celebrate


You can move pieces on the above diagrams — Black will try to defend, and stop doing so when it is mate.


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