Magnus Carlsen y Humpy Koneru Campeones del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido

por Amruta Mokal y Sagar Shah
30/12/2019 – Magnus Carlsen se ha coronado Campeón del Mundo también en la modalidad de ajedrez rápido. Ha jugado unas partidas maravillosas en el Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido y ha ganado 14 puntos Elo, alcanzando los 2900 en esa disciplina. La joven estrella emergente Alireza Firouzja se alzó con la medalla de plata e Hikaru Nakamura ganó bronce. En la sección femenina, Humpy Koneru ha ganado la medalla de oro. Lei Tingjie quedó subcampeona y Ekaterina Atalik ocupó el tercer puesto. Crónica final del Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido en Moscú con fotografías de Amruta Mokal y Lennart Ootes.

Master Class Vol.8: Magnus Carlsen Master Class Vol.8: Magnus Carlsen

Es joven pero ya es una leyenda de la historia del ajedrez, aunque aún no se vislumbre su techo. Conozca a fondo al vigente campeón mundial.


Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido y Relámpago 2019 en Moscú

Del 25 al 30 de diciembre de 2019 en Moscú

El campeonato de ajedrez rápido con secciones absoluta y femenina, se disputará del 26 al 28 de diciembre de 2019. A continuación, los días 29 y 30 se disputará el Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Relámpago.

Está en juego una bolsa de premios  de 1.000.000 en total.

  • La bolsa de premios para el mundial de ajedrez rápido en la sección absoluta es de 350.000 dólares, y en la sección femenina de 150.000 dólares.
  • La bolsa de premios para el mundial de ajedrez relámpago en la sección absoluta es de 350.000 en la sección absoluta y de 150.000 dólares en la sección femenina.

La ceremonia inaugural se llevará a acabo el día 25 de diciembre de 2019

Magnus Carlsen gana el Campeonato de Ajedrez Rápido 

Este no es Carlsen, sino Maxime Vachier-Lagrave | Foto: Amruta Mokal

MVL jugó 1.e4 y la Siciliana abierta contra la Sveshnikov de Magnus.


Endgames of the World Champions from Fischer to Carlsen

Dr. Karsten Müller nos enseña y explica las finezas del juego de los campeones del mundo.


Magnus Carlsen 

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Levon Aronian | Foto: Amruta Mokal


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El ambiente en la sala de juego

La partida Carlsen vs. Mamedyarov


Es la tercera vez que Magnus Carlsen se ha coronado Campeón del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido.

Hikaru Nakamura y Magnus Carlsen | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Entrevista con Magnus Carlsen tras haberse coronado Campeón del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido 2019 

Transcripción de la entrevista en inglés

A group of journalists gathered around Magnus and asked him different questions. All of these are transcribed below.

Magnus Carlsen: For me I took some time to get going and made some draws. Some people were quite far ahead of me but I think today I had a difficult game against Aronian but in general I was in relatively good control and I am very happy with my performance.

What do you have to say about your opponents?

Magnus Carlsen: I would say my opponents are very strong, they are very solid but I think some of them perhaps lacks the cutting edge. I think lot of my opponents were very happy to finish in the top places and have good chances for medals. But I think in such a tournament to win it all you need to have an even more attacking mindset. I think lot of people here performed well but they could have pushed for more.

Who do you think was your toughest opponent?

Magnus Carlsen: It is hard to say. I feel like I have played all the best players [Smiles]. But if I had any bad positions it was probably on the first day against [Rauf] Mamedov, [Hrant] Melkumyan, [Aleksandr] Rakhmanov and also against Wang Hao I had some difficulties. I defended some worse positions for sure but I think I was never lost, and that's a great thing, to have played fifteen rounds without being lost in single one of them is something I take great pride in. 

Magnus Carlsen rodeado de sus seguidores sacándose fotos selfi con todo el mundo| Foto: Amruta Mokal

Magnus Carlsen | Foto: Amruta Mokal

How do you feel now that you have won your third rapid title?

Magnus Carlsen: I feel very good. I am very happy with my performance. I think today I handled it fairly well, although I wasn't very happy to draw against Dominguez because I knew after that the last round would be very difficult, someone just a point could as well catch-up with me. But as it turned out [Hikaru] Nakamura was just happy to secure a medal and I am thankful for that.

How would you celebrate now? Would you play football?

Magnus Carlsen: Maybe I will play football. But most of all, the job is half done for me! I want to win the blitz as well so there's no time to rest on laurels. So if I play football it will only be because I think it is a good way to unwind that way before the blitz.

Para relajarse y desconectar, Magnus Carlsen jugó al fútbol por la tarde | Foto: Lennart Ootes

¡Bien hecho! | Foto: Lennart Ootes

Magnus Carlsen en plan "el gallo" | Foto: Lennart Ootes

What do you think about the organization of the event this year in Russia?

Magnus Carlsen: I think the organization has been superb. I am very very happy and so is my team. To me it feels a bit similar to last year in St. Petersburg. Nice playing hall, lots of people coming to watch. It feels great and I am looking forward to the last two days.

There are a lot of fans here, what do you feel about them?

Magnus Carlsen: I am very happy to see all the fans but I just ask for a little understanding. It has been a tense day for me and if I don't have the time or energy for autographs and such in between games then it is nothing personal. It is just about being as well prepared as possible for a nice game.

What are your future plans?

Magnus Carlsen: The future plan is to play the blitz well. Don't want to look too far ahead, again super-motivated to do well there.

Are you planning any holidays?

Magnus Carlsen: No, I am playing Wijk Aan Zee from the eleventh of January, so holidays will be after that.

Sagar Shah: There were a lot of top players who were making draws quickly just to save energy but you gave in all, in the all the rounds. How did you manage to do it?

Magnus Carlsen: I think even though the days are pretty long but it is still possible to give your all in all the games. But I think it also helps that I am better than the others! [Laughs]. So for me it is easier to play for a win. Perhaps the others risk more if they do so. I think that's the brutal truth. If you are a bit better you can afford to take more risks. Maybe for some of the guys who were taking several short draws that was their optimal strategy but in order to win the event that's probably not the best idea. But in order to just do well that's not a bad but again it is not the way I play and it is partly because I can afford it.

SS: Do you follow a specific routine during the event? You were coming to the board just a few seconds before the game, what were you doing between the rounds?

Magnus Carlsen: I don't like to sit at the board and wait. It is as simple as that. I was just eating, drinking some water, watching some football, and also I was going out for walks. It is a big hall and you need fresh air sometimes.

And what about fantasy football?

Magnus Carlsen: [Laughs] It's been terrible!

You lost the number one spot?

Magnus Carlsen: Yes, it's been terrible. My chess is going great but my fantasy team is not doing well. It's bad but it doesn't matter!

And lastly what did you feel when Aronian blundered his queen?

Magnus Carlsen: Happy! [Smiles] ... But seriously I think I was winning it anyway but it had gotten out of hands. So yes after a tough game there's no better feeling than capturing your opponent's queen for nothing!

The comeback woman of chess

In 2016 Humpy Koneru decided to take a break from chess as she was about to become a mother. For two years she was off the chess board and only made a comeback at the 2018 Batumi Olympiad in Georgia. The start was slow as Humpy didn't perform well in her first few events. The Olympiad was decent but she was knocked out of the Women's World Championship as early as the second round.

But that didn't deter Humpy from her goal! She worked hard and the result is here to be seen. She won the Skolkovo Women's Grand Prix ahead of all the best women players in the world. And now she is the World Women's Rapid Champion 2019! 

Cansada pero contenta: Humpy Koneru se coronó Campeona del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido  | Foto: Amruta Mokal

La partida más importante contra Tan Zhongyi  | Foto: Amruta Mokal


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Ekaterina Atalik vs. Lei Tingjie | Foto: Amruta Mokal

La partida Ekaterina Atalik vs. Lei Tingjie


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Lei Tingjie derrotó a Humpy con negras | Photo: Amruta Mokal


La partida Lei Tingjie vs. Humpy Koneru 


Humpy Koneru llámandole por teléfono a su marido para comentarle la buena noticia | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Entrevista con Humpy Koneru tras su triunfo

Transcripción de la entrevista con Humpy Koneru en inglés

Sagar Shah (SS): Humpy this is the first world title for you, how does it feel? 

Koneru Humpy (KH): Yes, I am really excited with this victory. I didn't expect to win this title at all. Okay when I started in the morning I thought finishing in the top three would be the best result for me. But then I got the opportunity to play the tiebreak because the Chinese lost the final game. It was a dramatic tiebreak I would say because I lost the first game with White without much fight because I couldn't adjust to the new time control right away. After that it was a desperate situation for me, I had to win with Black and I chose the Modern. Of course, it is not a good opening but I have played it many times and I went for it because I just had to gamble.The final game was quite clean. I didn't have any problems in the opening and I was completely winning but since a draw was enough I just repeated the moves.

SS: Today I think one of the most important games for you was against Tan Zhongyi in round twelve, right?

Koneru Humpy: Yeah, that was a very crucial game for me. It was similar to a Queen's Gambit Exchange variation. I had some minor advantage but I managed to find some tricks.

SS: The move e4 in that game was quite surprising yes?


Koneru Humpy: Yes, I couldn't see anything better than e4. b2-b4 was too slow because Black had a5 immediately. So I went with e3-e4 and was looking at ♞g5 ♘xg5 ♝xg5 f4 after which I felt ♝f6 instead of ♝h6 was better. But in the game after ♝h6 things became complex and I had every bit of opportunity to make progress in that position with rook versus two bishops and a pawn in the center. She offered to repeat moves at one point but I just wanted to win and by that time my position was already very safe.

SS: After winning the title you called home. What did your husband had to say?

Koneru Humpy: Yes I wasn't sure if they were following the tiebreaks or not. But it turned out they were following everything and they are of course very happy. It is indeed time for celebration for me and my family since this is my first world title. 

SS: And what about your daughter? Would she be happy?

Koneru Humpy: [Laughs] She is still not big enough to understand these victories and losses but she will be happy to know that I am returning home!

SS: You know Humpy when you were 2600+ everyone expected you to be a World Champion but you didn't manage to win a title back then. Did you find it easier to win it now because there were no expectations?

Koneru Humpy: Well, that's true as you say. But at the same time most people expected me to win in the classical not in rapid or blitz kind of things. So this victory was even a surprise for me. I couldn't believe I won it. My best was a bronze in 2012 World Rapid but later on I was never close to the title. So this is was really an exciting tournament.

SS: Did you prepare specifically for this event?

Koneru Humpy: No, not at all. I just finished the Grand Prix and I hardly had some ten days. I didn't even practice much during that time because at home it is very important for me to spend time with my daughter.

SS: You know Magnus Carlsen said a few minutes ago after winning the Rapid that his job was half done and he wanted to win the blitz as well. Is it same for you? 

Koneru Humpy: [Laughs] I am not thinking about winning anything. I just want to play and enjoy.

SS: And lastly, does this result motivate you? To come back like this is actually a pretty inspiring story.

Koneru Humpy: Yes, this year has been a fantastic journey for me. I won the Grand Prix and was also leading the series and then this title happened. I also gained near about 30 rating points. So overall, it was a great year. Perhaps even my career best year.

SS: You will also want to play for the classical title right?

Koneru Humpy: Well of course, I will keep playing like always. I don't know if I will win it or not but definitely I will give my best.

Almira Skripchenko felicitándole a su amiga por el título | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Alireza Firouzja con su padre Hamidreza | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Shakhkhryar Mamedyarov y Alireza Firouzja | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Alireza en acción | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Clasificación final del Campeonato del Mundo Absoluto de Ajedrez Rápido 2019

# Nombre Puntos
1 Carlsen Magnus 11,5
2 Firouzja Alireza 10,5
3 Nakamura Hikaru 10,5
4 Artemiev Vladislav 10,5
5 Aronian Levon 10,0
6 Dominguez Perez Leinier 10,0
7 Duda Jan-Krzysztof 10,0
8 Dubov Daniil 10,0
9 Korobov Anton 10,0
10 Anton Guijarro David 10,0
11 Yu Yangyi 10,0
12 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 9,5
13 Le Quang Liem 9,5
14 Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 9,5
15 Smirin Ilia 9,5
16 Giri Anish 9,5
17 Melkumyan Hrant 9,5
18 Svidler Peter 9,5
19 Ponkratov Pavel 9,5
20 Motylev Alexander 9,5

Clasificación final del Campeonato del Mundo Femenino de Ajedrez Rápido 2019

# Nombre Puntos
1 Koneru Humpy 9,0
2 Lei Tingjie 9,0
3 Atalik Ekaterina 9,0
4 Girya Olga 8,5
5 Tan Zhongyi 8,5
6 Muzychuk Anna 8,5
7 Muzychuk Mariya 8,5
8 Pogonina Natalija 8,5
9 Bulmaga Irina 8,0
10 Kashlinskaya Alina 8,0
11 Lagno Kateryna 8,0
12 Danielian Elina 8,0
13 Harika Dronavalli 8,0
14 Stefanova Antoaneta 8,0
15 Shuvalova Polina 8,0
16 Kosteniuk Alexandra 8,0
17 Voit Daria 8,0
18 Arabidze Meri 7,5
19 Kovanova Baira 7,5
20 Gunina Valentina 7,5

Las partidas disponibles de la sección abierta


Las partidas disponibles de la sección femenina


Hoy (lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2019) se disputará el Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Relámpago, a 21 rondas | Foto: Amruta Mokal

Gracias especiales a Shahid Ahmed y Satanick Mukhuty por sus contribuciones a este artículo 

Reportaje original: Sagar Shah (ChessBase India)

Fotografías: Amruta Mokal y Lennart Ootes

Traducción al castellano y edición: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)


25.12.2019 - Inauguración 
Del 26 al 28 de diciembre de 2019 - Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Rápido
Del 29 al 30 de diciembre de 2019 - Campeonato del Mundo de Ajedrez Relámpago

La bolsa de premios asciende a 1 millón de dólares. 


Ajedrecista indio con dos normas de MI. Periodista especializado en ajedrez y Amruta Mokal es su esposa y fotógrafa y ajedrecista.