Olimpiada de Ajedrez 2020 en Minsk en peligro

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07/09/2020 – La Olimpiada de Ajedrez 2022 se iba a disputar en Minsk (Bielorrussia), pero según informa la FIDE, hasta la fecha los organizadores no han cumplido con sus obligaciones. A no ser que eso cambie durante los próximos días, la FIDE buscará por otra sede alternativa para la Olimpiada 2022. Comunicado de prensa de la FIDE (en inglés).

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Comunicado de prensa de la FIDE

Dear Member Federations and chess organizers: 

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The 2022 World Chess Olympiad in Minsk (Belarus), as well as a number of side events, are at risk after the current organizers failed to comply with their obligations. At the moment, FIDE is expecting the current Organizing Committee to confirm their final position regarding their organizational and financial duties. 

Unless the Minsk organizers meet their obligations in the upcoming days, FIDE will be forced to change the hosting country for the 2022 World Chess Olympiad and related events. In that eventuality, FIDE would launch a call for bids on September 7 for the right to host the following events: 

1. 2022 World Chess Olympiad and 2022 FIDE Congress (Expected for August 2022)

2. 2021 FIDE World Cup (Expected for September 2021)

3. 2020 FIDE Women’s World Cup 2020 (Expected in April 2021)

The Federations or private organizers who wish to submit a proposal in response to this call for interest should do so before October 7, 2020, using FIDE's official email account: office@fide.com. FIDE could give additional time to provide government guarantees. Likewise, FIDE reserves the right to extend this deadline.


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