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por Sagar Shah
09/10/2016 – En la última ronda del abierto de la Isla de Man el MI más joven del mundo, R. Praggnanandhaa, se enfrentaba con negras a Axel Bachmann. El GM paraguayo comenzó con una apertura poco convencional que pronto derivó hacia una posición con enroques opuestos. El chaval de 11 años comenzó a jugar con gran energía e imaginación. Cada jugada era determinante en una posición tan aguda. Bachmann se equivocó y el indio se volcó sobre el rey blanco, ganando con negras en 18 jugadas a un rival de 2645 puntos Elo. La partida comentada en inglés...

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Una pintoresca posición final. Todo el ejército negro está apuntando al rey blanco y el mate forzado está en puertas.

[Event "chess.com IoM Masters"] [Site "Douglas ENG"] [Date "2016.10.09"] [Round "9.21"] [White "Bachmann, Axel"] [Black "Praggnanandhaa, R."] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "A45"] [WhiteElo "2645"] [BlackElo "2442"] [PlyCount "36"] [EventDate "2016.10.01"] {The last round has begun. 11-year-old Praggnanandhaa is up against a 2645 opponent.} 1. d4 Nf6 2. Bf4 g6 3. Nc3 {Axel realizes that playing non theoretical chess can be good way to confuse the little boy. But the lad likes to play non-theoretical chess – he doesn't like to remember reams of theory like children his own age!} d5 4. Qd2 Bg7 5. Bh6 O-O 6. Bxg7 Kxg7 7. O-O-O { Both sides have castled on opposite wings. It can be said that it is easier for White to attack as he already has the hook on g6 and can begin with h4-h5. But let's learn from Praggnanandhaa on the art of how to attack.} c5 $1 { No pretensions! There is no time to waste!} 8. e3 (8. dxc5 Qa5 9. Kb1 Nc6 10. Nxd5 $2 Qxd2 11. Rxd2 Ne4 $19) 8... Nc6 9. f3 c4 $5 {In the French Defence, White does well to take dxc5 before going for 0-0-0. Here too it seemed logical that White should have taken on c5. Once c4 is played b5-b4 becomes a natural threat. Bachmann knows that, but how to stop it?} 10. e4 $1 { Understanding the dangers and quickly doing something about it.} b5 $1 { Fearless as always! You don't need to teach Praggu the art of attack!} 11. exd5 Nb4 12. Nxb5 $6 {This is going a bit too far.} (12. g4 Nfxd5 13. Nge2 {And the position remains complex.}) 12... Nxa2+ $1 13. Kb1 {Is the knight trapped on a2?} Qxd5 {The knight on b5 is attacked.} 14. Na3 (14. Nc3 {was the lesser evil, but Black is just better after} Nxc3+ 15. Qxc3 Ba6 $17 {The rooks soon double on the b-file and a strong attack is coming up.}) (14. Nc7 Qb7 $1 15. Bxc4 (15. Nxa8 c3 16. Qc1 Nxc1 $19) (15. Kxa2 Qxc7 $19) 15... Rb8 16. Nb5 Be6 $1 17. Bxa2 Bxa2+ 18. Kxa2 Qxb5 $19 {with a winning attack.}) 14... c3 { It's surprising that Bachmann missed this move. Otherwise why would he allow it?} 15. bxc3 Rb8+ 16. Ka1 Qa5 {And just like that the 11-year-old has completely decimated the white king!} 17. Kxa2 Nd5 $1 18. Ne2 (18. c4 Nc3+ $19) 18... Be6 {What a resounding victory for Praggu, who simply outclassed his 2645 opponent!} (18... Be6 19. c4 Nb4+ 20. Kb2 Nd3+ 21. Ka2 Bxc4+ 22. Ka1 Qxa3# ) 0-1

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Ajedrecista indio con dos normas de MI. Periodista especializado en ajedrez y entrenador.


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