La primera jornada en Zúrich

por Nadja Wittmann
13/04/2017 – El Korchnoi Zurich Chess Challenge 2017 arrancó con una prueba de ajedrez relámpago para determinar los emparejamientos de la competición principal. También hubo un duelo amistoso entre Vishy Anand y el patrocinador del torneo Oleg Skvortsov. La leyenda india realizó un impresionante sacrificio de dama. En el relámpago a 7 rondas ganó Hikaru Nakamura, por mejor valoración de desempate. Esta tarde se disputará la primera ronda del torneo principal.

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Arranca el memorial Korchnoi


Vídeo de la ceremonia inaugural y del torneo de ajedrez relámpago

La jornada comenzó con un duelo amistoso de exhibición entre Vishy Anand y el patrocinador principal del Zurich Chess Challenge, Oleg Skvortsov.


[Event "ZCC 2017 - Exhibition Match - Skvortsov"] [Site "?"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "1.1"] [White "Skvortsov, Oleg"] [Black "Anand, Viswanathan"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "C54"] [PlyCount "50"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceDate "2003.06.08"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. c3 Nf6 5. d4 exd4 6. b4 Bb6 7. e5 d5 8. exf6 dxc4 9. Qe2+ Be6 10. b5 Nb4 $1 11. fxg7 Rg8 12. cxb4 Qf6 13. O-O Qxg7 14. g3 O-O-O 15. a4 d3 16. Qb2 Qxg3+ $3 17. hxg3 Rxg3+ 18. Kh2 Rxf3 19. Bg5 $2 ({ Prophylaxis was called for here.} 19. Qg7 Rh3+ 20. Kg2 Bd4 21. Qg5 f6 22. Qg7 Rh4 23. Kg3 Rh3+ 24. Kg2 Rh4 $14 {Stockfish calls the bluff. But fortunately, chess is not about computers.}) 19... Bd4 20. Qd2 Rg8 21. Ra3 h6 22. Rg1 Rh3+ 23. Kg2 Rxg5+ {And the mate shall arrive without any more delay. Skvortsov resigned without waiting for} 24. Kf1 Rxg1+ 25. Kxg1 Bd5 0-1

El torneo de ajedrez relámpago

Tras la ceremonia inaugural, se disputó un torneo de ajedrez relámpago a siete rondas. Resultó ser una "competición particular" entre Hikaru Nakamura y Boris Gelfand, quienes fueron los que más se destacaron. Boris Gelfand había encabezado la clasificación hasta la última ronda.

Yannick Pelletier vs. Boris Gelfand

Yannick Pelletier vs. Boris Gelfand

El triunfo de Boris Gelfand con negras frente a Yannick Pelletier

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "1"] [White "Pelletier, Yannick"] [Black "Gelfand, Boris"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "D45"] [WhiteElo "2541"] [BlackElo "2724"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "3rr1k1/pb2qppp/1pp2n2/3Pb3/4p3/1PN1P3/PBQ2PPP/3RRBK1 w - - 0 17"] [PlyCount "18"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [EventType "tourn"] [EventCountry "SUI"] [SourceTitle ""] [Source "ChessBase"] {[#]} 17. dxc6 Bxh2+ $2 (17... Bxc6 18. Rxd8 Rxd8 19. h3 {would've lead to an approximately balanced game.}) 18. Kxh2 Ng4+ 19. Kg3 (19. Kg1 {wins as well, as after} Qh4 {White has} 20. Bb5 $1 Qh2+ 21. Kf1 Qh1+ 22. Ke2 Qxg2 23. Nxe4 $18) 19... Qe5+ 20. f4 Qh5 {White had about a minute here. Like Forrest Gump, his King instinctively had to drop everything and just run, run as far as possible} 21. Rxd8 $4 (21. Nxe4 $142 {creating route for the king to run.}) ( 21. Qxe4 $142) 21... Qh2+ 22. Kxg4 h5+ $4 23. Kg5 $4 {running towards the wrong direction.} (23. Kf5 g6+ 24. Kg5 Qg3+ 25. Kh6 Rxd8 26. Nxe4 $18 {This king march works!}) 23... Qg3+ 24. Kxh5 g6+ 25. Kh6 Qh4# {not all king marches to h6 end up in a masterpiece.} 0-1

Ian Nepomniachtchi

Ian Nepomniachtchi vs. Peter Svidler

Vishy Anand

Vishy Anand

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "2"] [White "Anand, Viswanathan"] [Black "Nepomniachtchi, Ian"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "B53"] [WhiteElo "2786"] [BlackElo "2751"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "4r1k1/p3qp2/1pn1r1pp/3Q4/3P1BP1/7P/PP3P2/R2R2K1 w - - 0 25"] [PlyCount "16"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [EventType "tourn"] [EventCountry "SUI"] [SourceTitle ""] [Source "ChessBase"] {[#]} 25. Rac1 $2 (25. Qg2 Qf6 26. d5 Re2 27. dxc6 Qxf4 28. Rac1 Rc8 29. Qg3 $16) 25... Qf6 26. Bg3 $2 {it's hard to guess exactly what Vishy had missed.... } (26. Bc7 $142) 26... Rd8 27. Qg2 Nxd4 28. Kh1 Rde8 29. b3 Nf3 {Now Black has a dominant position.} 30. Qf1 h5 31. gxh5 gxh5 {White's position is hopeless, but the next move ends it in one move.} 32. Rc4 $4 Re1 0-1

Grigory Oparin

Grigoriy Oparin

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "2"] [White "Kramnik, Vladimir"] [Black "Oparin, Grigoriy"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "A07"] [WhiteElo "2811"] [BlackElo "2571"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [PlyCount "92"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceDate "2003.06.08"] 1. Nf3 d5 2. g3 c6 3. Bg2 Bg4 4. d3 Nd7 5. O-O e5 6. h3 Bh5 7. c4 dxc4 8. dxc4 Ngf6 9. Nh4 Bc5 10. Nc3 O-O 11. Qc2 Re8 12. a3 a5 13. e3 Qc7 14. Rb1 Bf8 15. b4 axb4 16. axb4 Nb6 17. g4 Bg6 18. Nxg6 hxg6 $16 {White has a big positional advantage. The g2 bishop is especially strong in this position, with none to oppose on the light squares. Moves just flow naturally to Vlad in such a position...} 19. g5 Nh7 20. Ne4 Be7 21. h4 Qd7 22. b5 Rac8 23. bxc6 Rxc6 24. c5 Qc8 25. Qb3 Nd7 26. Qxb7 Nxc5 27. Qxc6 Qxc6 28. Nf6+ Qxf6 29. gxf6 Nxf6 $18 { Despite being down on time with a lost position, Oparin fights on with all his skill} 30. Rb5 Nd3 31. Bd2 Ng4 32. Bc6 Rf8 33. f3 Nh6 34. Rd5 $6 (34. Bd5 Bxh4 35. Bc4 Rd8 36. Ba5 Rd7 37. Rd1 Nc5 38. Rxd7 Nxd7 39. Rd5 Nf6 40. Rxe5 g5 41. Kg2 g4 $18) 34... Nb4 35. Bxb4 Bxb4 {The opposite colour bishops makes conversion a little trickier as White struggles to defend weaknesses on the dark squares.} 36. Rxe5 Nf5 37. h5 $2 (37. Rd1 Nxh4 38. Re4 Be1 $1 39. Kf1 Bg3 40. Ke2 $18 {And White should probably break through in a matter of time.}) 37... Nxe3 $1 38. hxg6 $2 (38. Rb1 Bc3 39. Rxe3 Bd4 40. Kf2 gxh5 {Black has excellent chances to draw.}) 38... Nxf1 39. Bd5 Ng3 40. Kg2 Bd6 41. Rg5 Kh8 ( 41... Rd8 $1 {and perhaps Black can try to win here.}) 42. gxf7 Kh7 43. Rg4 g6 44. Rxg3 Bxg3 45. Kxg3 Kg7 46. f4 Rxf7 1/2-1/2


[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "6"] [White "Oparin, Grigoriy"] [Black "Nepomniachtchi, Ian"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "B92"] [WhiteElo "2571"] [BlackElo "2751"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "4r1rk/5p1p/p2p3P/1p1PbQ2/2q1p3/P1PnB3/1PB2P2/3R2RK b - - 0 38"] [PlyCount "15"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceTitle ""] [Source "ChessBase"] {[#]} 38... Qxd5 {Oparin was better for most part of the game, but with just 10 seconds remaining, he loses his composure here.} 39. Rg2 $2 (39. f4 $142 $1 exf3 40. Bxd3 f2+ 41. Be4 fxg1=Q+ 42. Rxg1 Rxg1+ 43. Bxg1 {would win Black's queen}) (39. Rxg8+ Kxg8 40. f4 exf3 41. Qxd3 {also wins}) 39... Rg6 40. Rdg1 ( 40. f4 {is simply met by} Bxf4 {now, as taking the queen with} 41. Qxd5 Rxh6+ 42. Kg1 Bxe3+ 43. Kf1 Nf4 {And black threatens mate with Rh1 or to take the Queen.}) 40... Reg8 41. Rg5 Rxh6+ 42. Rh5 Nxf2+ {And White's position collapses everywhere.} 43. Bxf2 e3+ 44. Be4 Rxh5+ 45. Qxh5 Qxe4+ 0-1

Gelfand jugó unas partidas muy interesantes en general, incluyendo un sacrificio bravo aunque totalmente erróneo contra Yannick Pelletier. Jugó dos partidas técnicamente correctas por completo contra Vishy Anand y Grigoriy Oparin. Cabe destacar que Boris Gelfand ha reemplazado a Maxime-Vachier Lagrave en el torneo en el último momento porque este último tuvo que retirar su participación por razones particulares.

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "5"] [White "Oparin, Grigoriy"] [Black "Gelfand, Boris"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "B81"] [WhiteElo "2571"] [BlackElo "2724"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "1r1r1bk1/2q2p1p/2bpp1pP/ppn3P1/4P3/P3BP2/NPPQB3/1K1RR3 b - - 0 21"] [PlyCount "23"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [EventType "tourn"] [EventCountry "SUI"] [SourceTitle ""] [Source "ChessBase"] {[#]} 21... d5 22. Bxc5 $1 {A good move in a difficult position} Bxc5 23. Qc3 Bf8 24. exd5 exd5 25. Qb3 $2 {traps the queen. Oparin was undefeated and well placed at 2.5/4, however this move traps his Queen and contributes towards his first loss in the tournament.} (25. b4 $142 {A fairly typical defensive move in this variation.} Qd6 26. Qd4 {would still be a little upleasant for White, but objectively equal and balanced.}) 25... d4 26. c4 (26. Qd3 b4 {also opens up and exposes White's defences.}) 26... bxc4 27. Qxc4 Bxa3 28. Rd2 Qb7 29. Rc1 Bxb2 30. Qxc6 Bc3+ 31. Qxb7 Rxb7+ 32. Kc2 Rb2+ 0-1

Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura

Una posición creativa

Una posición creativa

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "4"] [White "Nakamura, Hikaru"] [Black "Oparin, Grigoriy"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "B53"] [WhiteElo "2793"] [BlackElo "2571"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [PlyCount "124"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceDate "2003.06.08"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Qxd4 Nf6 5. Bg5 Nc6 6. Bb5 Qa5+ 7. Nc3 Qxb5 8. Nxb5 Nxd4 9. Nfxd4 Nxe4 $5 10. Nc7+ Kd8 11. Nxa8 {is the knight trapped?} Nxg5 12. Nb5 {I don't think so....} a6 13. Na7 $2 {The piece placement instinctively feels wrong.} (13. Nc3 h5 14. Nb6 Bf5 {the knight is out safely, but Black has good compensation.}) 13... Bd7 14. b4 d5 15. b5 axb5 16. Rb1 e6 17. Nxb5 Bc5 18. Nc3 Ke7 19. Nb6 Bc6 20. Nba4 Bd6 {The knights are out, but in the meantime, Black has developed and controls the center. The White knights are still woefully uncoordinated.} 21. Nb5 Ra8 22. Nac3 {'superfluous knights' as Mark Dvoretzky used to remark...} Bc5 23. O-O Ne4 24. Nxe4 dxe4 25. a3 Ra5 26. c4 Ra4 27. Rb3 (27. Rfc1 e3 {would also concede material. White has just too many weaknesses and the rooks aren't completely suitable for this terrain.} ) 27... Rxc4 28. Nc3 e3 29. fxe3 Bxe3+ 30. Kh1 Rg4 31. Rb2 Bd4 32. Rc1 h5 33. Rbc2 h4 34. h3 Rg3 35. Kh2 Bxc3 36. Rxc3 Rxg2+ 37. Kh1 Rd2+ 38. Kg1 g5 39. R1c2 Rxc2 40. Rxc2 f5 41. a4 Bxa4 42. Rc7+ Kf6 43. Rxb7 Bc6 44. Rh7 Kg6 45. Re7 Bd5 46. Re8 g4 47. Rg8+ Kh5 48. hxg4+ fxg4 49. Kh2 Be4 50. Rh8+ Kg5 51. Rg8+ Kf4 52. Rh8 g3+ 53. Kg1 Kg4 54. Rg8+ Kh3 $2 {the decisive mistake} (54... Kf4 55. Rh8 Kg5 56. Rg8+ Bg6 {is clearly winning. The plan is to advance the e-pawn. The g8 rook cannot defend from e8. If White goes towards the e-pawn, then he can't stop the h passer.} 57. Kg2 e5 58. Kh3 e4 59. Kg2 e3 60. Kf3 h3 $19) 55. Rg5 Bf5 56. Rg8 Bg4 57. Rg5 g2 {White's king is in a stalemate position, so the rook becomes invincible now. The result might be completely different if Malcolm Pein had been in power.} 58. Re5 Kg3 59. Rxe6 h3 60. Rh6 h2+ 61. Rxh2 Bh3 62. Rxg2+ Bxg2 1/2-1/2

Mientras que Gelfand había tomado el mando tras seis rondas, perdió la partida de la última ronda contra Nepomniachtchi, y Nakamura aguantó las tablas contra Anand. De esta manera, Gelfand y Nakamura terminaron empatados por 4,5/7 puntos en el primer puesto. Hikaru Nakamura se alzó con la victoria gracias al tener la mejor valoración de desempate Sonneborn-Berger.

[Event "Kortchnoi ZCC 2017-Opening"] [Site "Zurich"] [Date "2017.04.12"] [Round "3"] [White "Nakamura, Hikaru"] [Black "Gelfand, Boris"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "A30"] [WhiteElo "2793"] [BlackElo "2724"] [Annotator "Srinath,Narayanan"] [SetUp "1"] [FEN "3B4/8/3p1nk1/3Pb3/5p2/3K1B2/5P2/8 w - - 0 58"] [PlyCount "27"] [EventDate "2017.??.??"] [SourceTitle ""] [Source "ChessBase"] {[#]} 58. Kc4 {Black's defense posture is perfect and he probably has to just move his king.} Nh7 $6 (58... Kf5 59. Kb5 Ne4 60. Bb6 Bb2 61. Kc6 Ba3 $11) 59. Be4+ Kh6 60. Kb5 $2 (60. Bxh7 Kxh7 61. f3 $1 {wins as Black can't defend against Kb5,Kc6,Bc7} Kg6 62. Kb5 Kf7 63. Kc6 Ke8 64. Bc7 Ke7 65. Bb8 {and it's zugzwang as both the Black pieces have only one optimal square...}) 60... Ng5 61. Bf5 Nf3 62. Be4 Nd2 63. Bd3 Bd4 $2 {Black goes towards the wrong course, but with less than 10 seconds, it's perfectly normal.} (63... Kh5 64. Bc7 Kg4 65. Kc6 Bd4 66. Bxd6 Bxf2 {would've bought Black more time.} 67. Be7 Nb3 68. d6 Nc5 69. d7 Nxd7 70. Kxd7 f3 $11) 64. Bc7 Bxf2 65. Bxd6 Be3 66. Bf8+ $1 { the extra tempo, as compared to the variation with the king on g4. Black doesn't have Nb3,Nc5 defense anymore.} Kh5 67. d6 f3 68. Be7 Bf4 69. d7 Bc7 70. Kc6 Ba5 71. Bb4 1-0

Clasificación del torneo de ajedrez relámpago

# Nombre Elo Puntos SB
1. Hikaru Nakamura (USA) 2793 4.5 18.00
2. Boris Gelfand (ISR) 2724 4.5 16.25
3. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS) 2811 4.0 15.75
4. Ian Nepomniachtchi (RUS) 2751 3.5 13.50
5. Viswanathan Anand (IND) 2786 3.5 12.00
6. Grigoryi Oparin (RUS) 2604 3.0 9.75
7. Peter Svidler (RUS) 2747 2.5 7.25
8. Yannick Pelletier (SUI) 2543 2.5 6.25

Nota: el torneo inaugural de ajedrez relámpago no va a influir en la valoración del torneo principal. Tenía como único objectivo, determinar los emparejamientos para el torneo principal.

Impresiones gráficas por Frederic Friedel

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

El presidente de la FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Ilya Gringolts

Ilya Gringolts, uno de los violinistas más inspiradores de la actualidad

Karpov charlando con Frederic Friedel y Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (editor jefe de la revista New in Chess)

Karpov charlando con Frederic Friedel y Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam (editor jefe de la revista New in Chess)

Anna Burtasova con la cámara

Las partidas de ajedrez relámpago del día inaugural


Las retransmisiones

(Mientras estén en marcha las partidas)

Los participantes

  • GM Kramnik Vladimir (RUS), Elo 2811
  • GM Anand Viswanathan (IND) Elo 2786
  • GM Nakamura Hikaru (USA) Elo 2793
  • GM Nepomniachtchi Ian (RUS) Elo 2751
  • GM Svidler Peter (RUS) Elo 2747
  • GM Gelfand Boris (ISR) Elo 2724
  • GM Oparin, Grigoryi (RUS) Elo 2604
  • GM Pelletier Yannick (SUI) Elo 2541


Zurich Chess Club, Oleg Skvortsov (IGC International Gemological Laboratories, Moscú), Aviora Holding AG Baar, Accentus Schach Schweiz, Savoy Chess Corner Zurich y otros amigos ajedrecistas.

El club de ajedrez más antiguo del mundo y su miembro de honor Oleg Skvortsov han sugerido una importante innovación para el futuro del ajedrez con un control de 40 minutos por partida, más 10 segundos de incremento por movimiento. Les parece que el ajedrez "clásico" debería ser más rápido y que los jugadores deberían disponer de una hora por bando y partida.

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Enlace directo a las retranmisiones

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Fecha Hora
Miércoles, 12 de abril  
Inauguración, concierto, torneo inaugural de ajedrez relámpago
Jueves, 13 de abril 19:30
Ronda 1
Viernes, 14 de abril 14:00
Rondas 2 y 3
Sábado, 15 de abril 14:00
Rondas 4 y 5
Domingo, 16 de abril 14:00
Rondas 6 y 7
Lunes, 17 de abril 14:00
Torneo de ajedrez relámpago

En paralelo: el Abierto Korchnoi

Junto al Zurich Chess Challenge, se disputará un fuerte torneo abierto, a 7 rondas con un control de tiempo de 90 minutos, más 30 segundos por movimiento.

Los organizadores han anunciado que se han inscrito 13 grandes maestros con valoraciones Elo superiores a 2600 puntos, como por ejemplo Alexei Shirov, Alexander Motylev, Eltaj Safarli, Eduardo Iturrizaga, Aleksandr Rakhmanov y Loek van Wely.

Fotos: Frederic Friedel (ChessBase)


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